Thursday, October 19, 2006

It Doesn't Rain Forever

After two months of bad checks and running around... the car dealership finally refunded us the money. I can't say there wasn't a bit of irony behind it: As my wife is going to pick up the money, the Brooklyn D.A. contacts us, NY1 news, News Channel 4 and Arnold Diaz from "Shame on You" contacts us within the span of two hours. ?If anyone who reads this is affiliated in any way to one of the afforementioned names, please extend a heartfelt thanks for their efforts. It all be bad news all the time. Speaking of news, hears my financial tip of the day regarding newspapers:

Why purchase newspapers when you can read most of the major news on the paper's website. Unless there are coupons that you are looking for that in fact will cover the cost of buying a newspaper, there really is no need, if all you are going to do is read the articles. I buy newspapers on Sundays only. I find that a lot of the help wanted ads posted in the papers are not always online. Besides the number of coupons in the papers clearly covers the cost when I go to the store. Think of the savings. In NY, the average newspaper is $0.50, multiply that by 6 days and add $1.00 for Sundays, you're talking $4 per week. To some people that's nothing, but multiply that annually and that comes to $208 per year. Even if you just buy the Sunday paper, you could be saving yourself around $156 per year. That could be used in a savings account, go towards a bill, etc.

Just something to think about. Well back to the job search and ways to cut costs in order to take care of my family. Be well.

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